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Site and content planning are essential starting points to any web design project. Key components include determining the site purpose, identifying the target audience, building personas and scenarios and identifying content for the site and determining style requirements.

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HTML5 is the newest iteration of the Hyper Text Markup Language family. It is easy to use, powerful and adds the power and clarity of semantics to the development process.

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Cascading Style Sheets are the key to styling the appearance of a web site. CSS version 3 is the latest version and makes many tasks a breeze.

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PHP is a server-side language that is used to process data on the server. It is used for a number of tasks, not the least of which is implementing a content management system.

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The Teaching Assistants

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Paul Hudrlik CIT 230 teaching assistant

Paul Hudrlik

Frontend Dev. (CIT 230)

Matt Molfley CIT 336 teaching assistant

Matt Wolfley

Backend Dev. (CIT 336)

Jon Harmon CIT 336 teaching assistant

Jon Harmon

Backend Dev. (CIT 336)